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Substation Maintenance: Improving Safety & Methodology Techniques to Protect Workers
November 12, 2014

This article originally appeared in the June 2014 issue of Electricity Today. Not long ago, many workplace safety hazards were consistently ignored as if they were “Acceptable Risk” and an expected part of a worker’s daily routine. Not surprisingly, many workers experienced serious and, in some instances, fatal injuries. Companies were also faced with high costs associated from unfinished materials waste, downtime to t ...Read More

Protecting Yourself Through Regular Glove Testing
October 20, 2014

Over the past few years, there has been an increased push on electrical safety awareness for workers. Workers are being urged to understand and appreciate the need for personal protective equipment as the last line of defense when working on or near live electrical apparatus. Unprotected exposure may cause serious injury or even death. Our Product Specialists and subject-matter experts have been educating the public on the importance of ...Read More

Falls from heights are one of the leading causes of serious injury, disability, and even death in the workplace
March 04, 2014

The consequences of working without the proper fall protection equipment is immediate and serious. Approximately one in seven workplace fatalities are due to a fall from heights. According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), workers shall have the appropriate fall arrest equipment when working at heights over 3 metres, or on scaffolds over 2.4 metres. Are you properly protected? As a worker, you need to ensure you protect ...Read More

Toronto #IceStorm 2013: Linemen to the Rescue
January 13, 2014

As the New Year rolls out, we want to take a moment to reflect on the recent Ice Storm that hit Toronto and took a toll on our holidays. Not only did over 200,000 Torontonians lose power, but there were road collisions, fires and even deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. What this recent outage stresses is the importance of the utilities and hydro workers. The people that act fast in an emergency and bring us power. (images cou ...Read More

Happy Holidays from LTL!
December 23, 2013

We, at Lineman's Testing Laboratories, want to thank you, our readers, partners, customers and friends, for another great year. We wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday - all the best for 2014! ...Read More

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