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6 Steps for Proper Electrical Insulating Rubber Glove Care
February 05, 2019

Did you know that when there is damage to your electrical insulating rubber gloves, the integrity of your gloves are compromised? This means that they are no longer safe to use. As Canada’s largest stocking supplier of insulating rubber gloves and PPE, one question we are frequently asked about is the proper care, maintenance, and storage of electrical insulating rubber gloves. Follow these 6 simple steps to help prolong the l ...Read More

Ensuring Electrical Safety during Severe Weather
October 09, 2018

Fall is a rowdy season, known for its wild temperature swings and powerful fall storms that could result in hazards such as downed powerlines or power outages. Working at heights also becomes dangerous when winds pickup quickly or temperatures drop suddenly. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the precautions one should take when dealing with any of the following hazards: Downed Power Lines You cannot tell whe ...Read More

Ensuring the Integrity of your Loadbreak Tools
July 31, 2018

The Loadbuster is a lightweight and easy-to-use portable loadbreak tool that can be reset for repeated use, limiting a user’s investment to one tool if it is handled with care. Like any other tool, the Loadbuster should be inspected often to ensure it is safe for use when on the job. External Maintenance 2. Before and After Each Use: 1. Inspect the surface of the tool for visual loss or damage including: Co ...Read More

Tips for safety when working outdoors
April 20, 2018

It’s been a long winter and, as Canadians, we look forward to longer days of sunshine and warmer weather; this is especially true if you work outdoors. While being in the sun is beneficial for the body, too much exposure can lead to sunburns, skin cancer and possible permanent vision problems. So, protect yourself when working outdoors by using the following sun avoidance and protective methods: Sunscreen Croc Bloc’s Sun ...Read More

7 Benefits to Using Ground Protection Mats this Spring
March 23, 2018

Spring has arrived, and with it comes soft ground and wet working conditions. This makes it difficult for trucks to move around without affecting the surrounding ground and work area. The use of ground protection or temporary access mats are an effective method for minimizing damage to the environment, while protecting your equipment. The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks including creating temporary w ...Read More

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